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Reported by anonymous, 12 day ago
I met a girl on Plenty of Fish saying she was 19. We exchanged a couple of messages And she sent me 'alleged' nude photos of herself. The next day, I received a phone call from her 'dad' saying that the busted their daughter trying to send a video of herself to me.To make a very long story short, the 'dad' told me that he and his ex-wife were going to have me arrested for sending pornagraphic material of myself to his 15 year old daughter. I had not sent any such pictures to anyone, ever! Dad told me that he and his ex-wife were going to file a report with the police. Then came the real red flag...Dad said the daughters phone had to be destroyed to permanently get rid of 'my' pictures. Dad finally told me that since they were going to have to destroy the phone, he would work with me so the police wouldn't be involved and I would not be listed as a child predator and go to Federal prison. IF I would PAY him $800 through PayPal, to replace her Galaxy Note 7, they would not press any charges. He was actually trying to blackmail me and extort money from him. I tried to call both parents back after I had sent the dad a text saying they were just trying to scam me and neither parent would answer me back. They did, however, send me a text saying they were just going to the police. Another red flag popped up...the mother and the daughter were supposed to be in Lexington, Kentucky and the father was supposed to be in South Carolina. They messed up and the dad sent me a text from his daughter's cell number. Now, how could he do that if she was in KY and he was in S Carolina. He uses the name Kenneth Wilson and when I googled his name, scam alerts were already attached to his name! Guys, beware of these scammers that are on Plenty of Fish and who knows what other dating sites!!

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